free binary options trading platform The Hotel Paranormal is the place for supernatural beings looking to get away from it all. Beings like werewolves, vampires, elves, sprites, djinn and more check in from all over the world for business and for pleasure -- and sometimes for both.

Welcome to The Hotel Paranormal...


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8.24.16 πŸ”‘ Death Chaser by Xandra James
invest in Ripple in Hong Kong After finding herself dead, Sam Cross was requested by the Necromancer himself to be a Death Chaser—a bounty hunter with a difference. Now with demons on her tail, family skeletons in the closet, and a sexy new boss, the last thing she needs is for all hell to break loose...

9.7.16 πŸ”‘ Unveiled by Lynda Haviland
For thief Eva Ward, recovering the elusive and magical Veils of Salome was a professional triumph. But before she can claim her prize, she must defeat their curse, avoid a rival who wants her dead, and distract a dark wraith who seeks to destroy the veils.

9.14.16 πŸ”‘ Soleli's Secret by JC Wardon
buy TRX Soleli Cavanaugh-Hansen needs a break to determine just why her life choices of helping others aren't making her happy. The Djinn who is suddenly enslaved to her needs to find out as well, and grant her hearts deepest desire. Only looking, and finding, aren't as easy as it sounds.

9.21.16 πŸ”‘ Siren's Curse by Margo Bond Collins
When the Sirens of ancient Greece retreated to deeply sunken Atlantis, they never expected to return to the world above. But now that their old foes, the Titans, are pushing into this dimension, the mermaid-shifter Kirka must find new allies…and she knows just the place to start. Welcome to the Hotel Paranormal.

9.28.16 πŸ”‘ The Red Strokes by Vincent Morrone
Anna has no idea how to handle her new psychic abilities that come when her Aunt is brutally murdered. With the help of her childhood crush Ashton, the pair search for answers at the hotel. Selena must help both of them accept their destinies, for Anna’s visions hold the key to their survival. 

10.5.16 πŸ”‘ Refused to Reign by Constance Phillips
When Reider relinquished reign of the wolf pack to his brother Geoff, leaving everything—including Sable—behind, he knew of the danger. Now, Geoff is missing and Sable is asking that he help restore order. Can Reider find his brother or will he submit to Sable and reclaim his reign.

10.26.16 πŸ”‘ Meeting with My Maker by Calinda B
He wants to bed her. She doesn't believe he exists. It's a match made in hell. Can they possibly find love, or anything resembling love?

11.2.16 πŸ”‘ Skin Thief by Melissa Lummis
Ninovan Arrighi thought she’d seen it all, until she’s assigned to track down a skin thief. But just when Ninovan thinks she has the monster cornered, he slips away to a place between worlds where the council has no power and her precious rules don't apply.

11.9.16 πŸ”‘ Bounty Huntress by Sheri Queen
Janda’s a Lykoi—part werecat/part wolf—shunned by both sides of her lineage. A private bounty hunter, she lands a lucrative contract that would allow her to retire. At The Hotel Paranormal her heart gets ensnared by her alpha werecat target, and she must choose between her freedom or helping him. 

11.16.16 πŸ”‘ Feather by B. Brumley
Jane Jones refuses to change the order of things. Saving humans is somebody else's job. She's just here for the buffet. There’s a shadowy villain out to kill her, so Jane does the most logical thing. She captures the would-be assassin and drags him to a hotel for the weekend.

11.30.16 πŸ”‘ Lily's Grace by L.E. Perez
Reaper is hired to collect Lily's soul but falls in love with her. She knows that she cannot cancel a contract once she accepts without dire consequences for all involved but is determined to find a way out for them both as they get to know each other at the Hotel.

12.7.16 πŸ”‘ Heart Thief by Ellie Miller

12.14.16 πŸ”‘ Unshakable by Kelley York
Ninovan Arrighi thought she’d seen it all, until she’s assigned to track down a skin thief. She’d heard the stories, even learned the magic as a shaman and member of the Red Council, but she’d never encountered one…or the skinned bodies of his victims. But just when Ninovan thinks she has the monster cornered, he slips away to a place between worlds where the council has no power and her precious rules don't apply.

12.21.16 πŸ”‘ Untitled by Isobelle Cate

12.28.16 πŸ”‘ Chasing Luck by Aria Kane
Leprechaun Anya Rooney wants out of the family business. She’s well on her way to making her own life until Boon Nam Sinjai shows up at The Hotel’s Bangkok entrance. Boon is an MLB star who was also Anya’s high school crush. He needs her help. And her Luck.

1.4.17 πŸ”‘ Dragon's Pursuit by Tonya Cannariato
Maxim Krempenski wants to pass the final exams for his PhD in political science to help his dragon shifter family survive the new Russia. The Elder Gods have other plans and push him to take a break at The Hotel--with a side of possibly romantic intrigue.

1.11.17 πŸ”‘ Slip the Waves by J. Rose Alexander
Prescott Darling hides a secret from everyone. Even from the three little children he's raising. Their mother is alive, well. She watches them each day as they grow and thrive and play. Until the sun sets, and she must slip the waves and disappear into her watery home once more...

1.18.17 πŸ”‘ The Edge of Realms by Mandie Stevens

1.25.17 πŸ”‘ Escaping the Ashes by Olivia Hardin

2.1.17 πŸ”‘ The Fox's Wager by Tawdra Kandle
There’re two things standing in the way of Sionnach’s vacation: a promised favor for a friend and Daeglan Moran, who’s come to Hotel Paranormal to recruit her help. But Sionnach is resourceful, and using this irresistible Irishman to help her with the favor lets them combine business with pleasure.

2.8.17 πŸ”‘ A Hard Man is Good to Find by Pamela Labud

2.15.17 πŸ”‘ Untitled by Chudney Thomas

2.22.17 πŸ”‘ Happenstance by Maddie James
When Mirabelle Blackthorne stumbles into Hotel Paranormal, magic suddenly flows from her human fingertips. Lucky for wizard Zach Stone, that kind of magic is exactly what he’s seeking. Clan rules say he can barter for the magic, or he can seduce it away. He opts for the latter.

3.1.17 πŸ”‘ Catch and Release by Jennifer Martinez
He knew better than to let his emotions get the best of him but with her he couldn't help it. Now he is stuck with Lila and he can never tell if its the bond he forged or her choice that keeps them together. Corporate is closing in on the pair and the only option to save the two of them is to risk losing the only person he cares about.

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were." Always hunt to Catch and Release.